This is a random walk through my history with Delphi, watch it on YouTube

While at the 2014 ADUG Symposium in Brisbane, I interviewed a number of attendees and found out what they use Delphi for.  Watch the video on YouTube.  It runs to about 12 minutes.

While I was at the recent Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) Symposium 2013, I recorded a few interviews with the attendees during the breaks at the Sydney event, watch to find out what people are doing with Delphi in the Land Down Under.  Watch it on YouTube, it's 10 minutes long.

The Australian Delphi User Group are holding their Annual Symposium and I'm speaking.  It is being held in Melbourne (Thursday) and Sydney (Friday) the 21st and 22nd of March 2013.  Here is a brief 30 second snippit of my talk - if you want to see the whole thing then you had better register on the ADUG website.

In this blog post I discuss my new commercial video on Building Data Aware Apps using the VCL, some Delphi personalities, my woes with Camtaisa and how Delphi users are distributed around the world.  Watch it on YouTube.

This is my 14th blog post and you can view this 7 minute video on YouTube.  In it I cover CodeRage 7, my presentation at WellDUG (the Wellington Delphi User Group) and mention my new commercial video on ClientDataSets (which is part 1 in a series).

In this blog post I talk about Movember (as it is Nov 1 2012), CodeRage 7 (Nov 6-8) and my new Consulting business.  Watch it on YouTube.

In this video blog Alister looks at installing a multi-monitor setup - multiple monitors are very helpful when developing applications. Watch it on YouTube.

This is another of my Blog posts.  In it I talk about my new XML in Delphi Part 1 video that is now available for sale, Code Rage 7 (which I hope to present at) and the Australian Delphi User Group Autumn Symposium (which I've put in a submission for). Watch it on YouTube.

This video is a summary (of what I can remember) is in Delphi XE3.  It is based on the presentation in Auckland, New Zealand yesterday. Watch it on YouTube.  XE3 should be released any day now.