Just got hold of Delphi For PHP 1.0 and this is my first application written in it.

Click Here for the Video 

The audio quality is not the best in this one - I need a better mic me thinks. 

You can also Click Here for the the formula

Here is the code snippet for the calculation (the only bit of php you need to write):

$PeriodicInterestRate = $this->eInterest->Text / 12 / 100;
$Principal = $this->ePrincipal->Text;
$NumberOfPayments = $this->eTerm->Text * 12;

$MonthlyPayment = ($Principal * $PeriodicInterestRate)  /(1- pow(1+$PeriodicInterestRate, -1 * $NumberOfPayments));
$MonthlyPayment = round($MonthlyPayment, 2);

$this->lMonthlyPayment->Caption = $MonthlyPayment;