Cleaning up your uses clauses, removing any redundant units, and moving units from the interface to implementation can improve your compile times and the performance of the Delphi IDE, particularly for versions before 10.4.  Watch this video.

Managed records are a fantastic addition to the Delphi language, they were introduced in Delphi 10.4. In this video, we look at creating and assigning managed records.

Did you know you can mask input on InputQuery? I didn't until recently - and it is a very cool feature (if not very obscure). Find out how to do it in this video.

The new(ish) TVirtualImageList and TImageCollection components are a fantastic way of helping your VCL applications scale correctly between different DPI and scaling settings in Windows. Find out how to use them in this video.

CnPack is a fantastic productivity tool for Delphi, in this video, we take a quick look at one of its many features called Eval Swap.

TControlList is a great addition to Delphi 10.4.2, we've had a few looks at its usage already, but this time we look at it in a real-world application, and what I've had to do to improve performance.

This time we look at using LiveBindings with TControlList and do some resizing magic so that we don't waste any screen space.

Delphi has amazing support for many internet protocols, in this video, we use a TidTCPClient to telnet into a device and get some temperature sensor data.

This video has some additional productivity tips from my book Code Faster in Delphi. This time looking at a number of right-click "Quick Edit" options to save some time.

InputQuery is handy if you want to get a string value from a user, but you can also use it to get multiple values - and prefill those values (which I forgot to mention). Have I missed anything else?  Watch on YouTube.