This movie covers two vcl properites in Delphi: Align and Margins.  Using these you can control how your forms behave when resized.  You can watch the movie here.


This movie focuses on TListbox but does use TAction and TButton a little.  This is mostly an introductory level movie for newbies and runs for about 22 minutes. I had to split the video into two parts due to a 10 minute limit on YouTube.  Part 1 and Part 2

In this movie we continue to look at features of SQL, in particular numeric functions and the group by clause. I have also uploaded this movie to youtube. Again I've used a huge font so that it is still readable at 320x240.

In this guide you'll get an introduction to basic SELECT queries. I've used a really large font for the application, I've done this so that I could put the video on YouTube and have people still able to read the SQL statements and results, which you can watch here. I had to speed up the YouTube video to fit it under the 10 minute limit (it's 6% faster).

Here we use VMWare to install FreeDOS onto a virtual machine and install and run Turbo Pascal 5.5 (for those of us who can remember back that far).  Click Here to view the movie

In this movie we continue with our customer application.  Here we actually write some code to add three features

  1. Read in a CSV File
  2. Sorting
  3. Searching

Click Here to watch this movie

Here we will write a small "customer tracking" application.  This movie is aimed at beginners introducing the TClientDataSet component.  It will hopefully be the first in a series.

Click Here to Watch

Here we have a look at one technique for hiding the caption for a form.  I've fixed the sound quality for this one and have some branding - one day I may even look professional.

Click Here to watch on YouTube.

Just got hold of Delphi For PHP 1.0 and this is my first application written in it.

Click Here for the Video 

The audio quality is not the best in this one - I need a better mic me thinks. 

Here you will learn a technique for delayed form creation.  This can be useful to create your forms on an as need basis rather than when your application starts up, thus decreasing start time.  Watch it here.