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This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

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Code Better in Delphi Book

Make your Delphi code better by reading this book! You will find numerous tips, tricks, techniques and tools to enhance and improve code. How does your code stack up? Are you writing code that will be usable for years, or are you heading towards a dystopian maintenance apocalypse?

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Movie #47 - 100 IDE Hints and Tips - CodeRage III Replay

I challenged myself to come up with 100 useful IDE tips and hints, and then explain them all in 45 minutes. Did I succeed? Watch and see.  Okay - that was the abstract to my CodeRage III talk.  Some of the hints are a bit lame, but others I hope you will find really useful.  This video is about 50 minutes long and you can watch it here.

Movie #45 - Quote of the Day

In this Delphi Programming video we write a tiny Quote of the Day application using the Quote of the Day service.  This video is three and a half minutes long and was recorded at 1024x768 (normally I do 800x600 so they work on YouTube, oops - I can't be bothered doing it again).  I was originally going to popup the quote in a balloon hint, however Camtasia 3 did not record the balloon for some reason - I guess I'll leave that as an excersie for the interested.  You can watch the video here.

Movie #44 - Drag and Drop

This is a really short introduction into Drag and Drop within Delphi.  We look at dragging images between some TImages.  We also look at how we can drag and drop between different tabs in a TPageControl.  This video is under 4 minutes long and you can watch it here.

Movie #43 - OnSetText

In this Delphi Programming video we take a look at the OnSetText event available on TFields and how we can use it to make entering dates into data aware controls more friendly to our users.  This video is nice and short (under 4 minutes) but I hope still useful.  Watch it here.

Movie #42 - Hint Counter

I'll be presenting at CodeRage III this year (all going well), one of the talks I'll be doing is 100 IDE Hints & Tips.  100 is a big number to keep track of, so here is a little utility to help me keep track of where I'm up to.  This video is almost 8 minutes long and it's more of a beginner movie.  Watch it here.

Movie #41 - OnCalcFields: fkCalculated vs. fkInternalCalc

In this Delphi training movie we look at how calculated fields work on DataSets.  In particular we look at Calculated and InternalCalc types.  This movie a bit shy of 8 minutes and you can watch it here.

Movie #40 - Changing How Fields are Displayed

In this movie we look at how we can change the way data is displayed in data aware controls, without changing the data.  Specifically we look at the TField.OnGetText event and other TField properties that control the way data is displayed. This video is nice and short (about 3 minutes) and you can watch it here.

Movie #39 - XML Data Binding

In this movie we look at using an XML file within Delphi.  To make this very easy we take advantage of the DTD (Document Type Definition) for the XML file, and use the XML Data Binding Wizard in Delphi to generate a whole bunch of code for us.  You can watch the video here.  It's a bit under 9 minutes long

Movie #38 - Charting Jpeg Compression

In this Delphi programming tutorial we look at using TeeChart (TChart) to produce a graph of Jpeg quality verses file size.  This video is about 12 minutes long and you can watch it here.

Movie #37 - For Loop Ramblings

This is a really short video where we compare and loops to iterate over an array.  It is 5 minutes long and you can watch it here.