Code Faster in Delphi Book

This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

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Code Better in Delphi Book

Make your Delphi code better by reading this book! You will find numerous tips, tricks, techniques and tools to enhance and improve code. How does your code stack up? Are you writing code that will be usable for years, or are you heading towards a dystopian maintenance apocalypse?

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Interview #8 - Dr Holger Flick

I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Holger Flick on various topics, especially his new book TMS Web Core Book.  Enjoy the full-length Skype interview here.

HolgerDr. Holger Flick studied computer science at the University of Dortmund and received his doctorate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr University in Bochum. He has been programming with Delphi since 1996 and has always been active in the community. During and after his studies, he worked as a freelancer on numerous projects for Borland and was able to exchange ideas directly with many Delphi experts from Scotts Valley, CA. Mainly, he tested Delphi for the QA department, but also programmed database applications and web applications for the Borland Developer Network. Holger has also presented at conferences and seminars on various Delphi topics. His commitment and extensive knowledge of Delphi programming, gained through years of theoretical and practical work in the area of object-oriented programming with Delphi and other programming languages (e.g. C#, Objective-C), led to his appointment as Embarcadero Delphi MVP in 2016. From 2013 to 2018, Dr. Holger Flick was responsible for the entire software and hardware architecture of the company at Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH in Witten, Germany.

Among other things, he developed company-specific software solutions with Delphi.

Since 2017 he presents products and solutions of TMS Software as Chief Evangelist in the form of numerous technical articles, bilingual video tutorials and leads through seminars. In 2019, he founded FlixEngineering LLC in the United States of America.