Generic Collections

The Generic Collections Library is one of the best recent additions to the Delphi RTL. With it, you can get type safety on your containers without having to write a whole bunch of boilerplate code each time.  This can represent a big reduction in the amount of code you need to write and also reduce bugs in your code. Learn how to best make use of this library and take advantage of some of its more powerful features.

These videos cover all the containers available in the collections library and gives an in-depth account of most of their capabilities.  You will learn about the basic containers (TStack, TQueue and TList), covering their basic features (adding, moving, removing etc.) then more advanced topics such as how the internals of sorting works.  Then we move on to TDictionary and how hashing works and how you can provide your own hashing mechanisms to changes its default behaviour.  Finally, we look at the thread-safe collections and how they can be used in multi-threaded code.

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 Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:41 Stacks
00:21:08 Queues
00:25:06 Lists
01:13:52 Dictionaries
01:48:13 TArray
01:59:29 Assignment Compatibility
02:03:25 Thread safe Collections
02:27:46 Summary