Introduced in Delphi 10.4 are a couple of shortcuts for changing the relative size of rows and columns on TGridPanel. These make it much easier to set the exact values for the percentual rows and columns.  Learn these shortcuts here.

I'm presenting at the ADUG Symposium this year and I'm inviting you to see my talk on refactoring in Delphi. Check out this sneak peek on Refactoring in Delphi.

It's rare that I learn something new about the Delphi IDE, especially a shortcut, but today I did. And in this video, I'm sharing with you this shortcut to show the Debug Inspector, plus all the other ways that I know of.

There are many kinds of arrays in Delphi and they all behave slightly differently. This video focuses on passing arrays as parameters but also talks about type compatibility. Some of the array types we will look at are: static, dynamic, open, generic, variant, and typed. I'll save "array of const" for another video.

Delphi 10.4 saw a major rewrite of the code parsing in the Delphi IDE to use LSP. This was improved upon on in point releases of 10.4, but is it improved further in Delphi 11?  Find out in this video.

"DeepStack is an Open-Source AI API engine that serves pre-built models and custom models on multiple edge devices locally or on your private cloud." And you can use its API from Delphi. In this video, I demo a small test application I wrote to draw boxes around objects in photos.

When we start Delphi, we can have it create a default application type. In this video, when we start Delphi, it will automatically create a blank VCL application.

When upgrading to a new version of Delphi, compiling and installing all the packages can be the hardest part. These can include Third-party (purchased and free) components, and in-house developed components. This is an example of updating a third-party spelling component set to Delphi 11. This package was quite easy, others were not so. I did no rehearsal for this video, and it's working with production code.  Enjoy the video on YouTube.

In this video, we examine the Quick Edit that allows you to set the DataSource and Field on a data-aware control.

New in Delphi 11 is the ability to adjust the date and time simultaneously on the TDateTimePicker. This will allow you to edit a TDateTime with a single TDateTimePicker instead of two.  See it in Action.