In this (roughly produced) video, we have a first look at using the REST Debugger in Delphi to connect to Twitter, then build a very basic application in Delphi.  Watch it on YouTube.

The TIdHTTP component is great for downloading web pages and it has some powerful mechanisms for handling HTTP Redirects, we will look at the HandleRedirects property and OnRedirect event.  Find out how to use them in this video.

Watch my happy birthday wishes for Delphi here. Also if you want to know a bit about my history with Delphi, you can check out this video.


In this videw we take a look at an issue when styling an application when we have a TPanel parented to a TSplitView.  Watch it on YouTube.

In this video we take a look at how we can make our items in a TListView size automatically to fit the content.

In this video we look at a fairly recent feature in Delphi that allows you to edit an FDMemTable at design time.  I've found this to be really handy, and I hop you do to.  Sadly currently no support for TClientDataSet.

This one is a bit trivial (but nice and short), you should already know how to copy substrings, however there might be a shortcut you are unaware of, check it out in the video here.

In this video we look at the Matches method on TRegEx, the Regular Expression engine in Delphi. We use it download images in a web page.  Watch it on YouTube.

We take a look at how you can style controls that don't support VCL styles, in this case a cxGrid.  Chack it out on YouTube.

In this video we take a look at some of my first impressions of the latest version of Delphi - having used it for a few hours now.

Overall really good but...