Code Faster in Delphi Book

This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

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Code Better in Delphi Book

Make your Delphi code better by reading this book! You will find numerous tips, tricks, techniques and tools to enhance and improve code. How does your code stack up? Are you writing code that will be usable for years, or are you heading towards a dystopian maintenance apocalypse?

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WebP Support in Skia - New in Delphi 12 - #227

WebP images are a lossy image compression format similar to jpg, only better. Watch this video to find out how to use them and other ways to improve image loading performance in Delphi.

Enhanced TStrings Property Editor - New in Delphi 12 - #226

There are lots of new features in Delphi 12, but here is a small, but helpful, improvement. That would be the enhanced TStrings property editor.  Watch on YouTube.

Long String Literals - New in Delphi 12 - #225

Delphi 12 now supports long-string literals. Just how long is long? Watch and find out. Again, this is a highly useful enhancement to Delphi.

Multi-Line Strings - New in Delphi 12 - #224

Multi-line strings are a fantastic new addition to the Delphi language and have some interesting features that make them particularly useful.  Find out about them in this video.

Using Interposer Classes - #223

What are interposer classes, and when can you use them? In this video, we do some name-space hackery to introduce behaviour to controls on a form without having to write a whole new component.  Watch this video.

Label Accelerator Keys - #222

Accelerator Keys are a handy feature that lets you use the keyboard to quickly access a specific control on the screen. By adding an ampersand (&) before a letter in the caption of a label, you can create a shortcut key for that control. For example, if you have a label that says “&Name” and a text box next to it, you can press Alt+N to jump to the text box and enter your name. How cool is that? To learn more about how this works, watch this video.

Some New Delphi Books - #221

I rarely have physical copies of programming books, but here are three Delphi books that I have.  Watch on YouTube

Delph High Performance 2nd Edition on Amazon or Packt.

Code Faster in Delphi in Korean

Code Better in Delphi

GExperts Shortcuts - #220

The GExperts plug-in for the Delphi IDE has many productivity enhancers.  Here we look at two that will help you find components on a form and manage your uses clauses.

What to Put in a DataModule? - #219

Obviously, DataSets, DataSources, Queries, Tables, Providers and DB Connections can go into a Datamodule, but what else should go in?  Watch to find out.

Where Does the TDataSource Go? - #218

Should the TDataSource go on a Form or in a DataModule? In this video, Alister attempts to answer this troubling question.

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