New to Delphi 11 are form designer guidelines for FireMonkey. They have some interesting differences from the VCL guidelines that you should probably be aware of - find all about them in this video.

Delphi 11 adds support for having binary constants in our code, and a new digit separator character - both are going to be super handy.  Find out how they work in this video.

In this video, we see Delphi 11 adds 64bit zip support to your applications. We can now compress files bigger than 4GB, and have zip files larger than 4GB. Fantastic!  Plus, there are some additional features that have also snuck in.

In this video, we look at the new default font in Delphi 11, Consolas. Additionally, the Delphi installer gives us a bunch of extra great coding fonts.

The welcome screen in Delphi 11 has been enhanced, it's now based around VCL controls, and can be customised!  Find out how here.

New in Delphi 11 is the record helper for TDateTime in the System.DateUtils unit. This delightful addition to Delphi can make date and time operations look much cleaner in your code.  Watch the video.

In Delphi 10.4 (and perhaps earlier) TStringDynArray has better type assignment capabilities, allowing for more concise code. In this video, I demonstrate loading a ListBox with a directory listing in a single line of code.

TZipFile allows you to handle zip files in Delphi without relying on a third party library - it's pretty good, but I've found a bug in it. In this video, I explain the bug, create a test project to confirm it, then create a fix.

Cleaning up your uses clauses, removing any redundant units, and moving units from the interface to implementation can improve your compile times and the performance of the Delphi IDE, particularly for versions before 10.4.  Watch this video.

Managed records are a fantastic addition to the Delphi language, they were introduced in Delphi 10.4. In this video, we look at creating and assigning managed records.