Code Faster in Delphi Book

This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

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Code Better in Delphi Book

Make your Delphi code better by reading this book! You will find numerous tips, tricks, techniques and tools to enhance and improve code. How does your code stack up? Are you writing code that will be usable for years, or are you heading towards a dystopian maintenance apocalypse?

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Don't make this common GUI mistake - #214

It's a very easy mistake to forget to escape the ampersand character on labels and menus. Here is how to fix it.

New in 11.3 - High-DPI Editor Icons - #213

A small enhancement is the improved icons in the Delphi code editor that look much nice when running with High DPI. Although this video was only recorded at 100%.

New in 11.3 - Highlight Words - #212

A feature I've always liked from cnPack is now available in Delphi 11.3. That's highlighting the same word under the cursor in the Editor.  Watch it on YouTube.

New in 11.3 - Show Build Folder in Explorer - #211

A new feature in Delphi 11.3 is the ability to show your executable in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on a build configuration.  See how it works here.

Fix Your broken Toolbars in the IDE - #210

It can occasionally be the case that the Toolbars in the Delphi IDE become broken. You can fix them using the registry editor. And you can also customise them for better productivity.  Find out all about it here.

Change Your Build Configuration Faster - Delphi #209

Rather than change the build configuration for each project in a project group, why not change them all at once?  Watch here.

Change Project in the Project Window - #208

Here are some easy shortcuts for selecting projects within a project group.

JCLCompression and 7-Zip - #207

In the previous video we looked at zip compression using TZipFile in Delphi, but you can also use the 7-Zip DLL for compression and decompression of many file types. Support for this can be found in the Jedi Code Library (JCL).  Watch on YouTube.

Multithreaded Zip File Extraction - #206

Can you extract files using TZipFile using multiple threads? Does it improve performance? Find out in this video.

When 2 is not 2 - #205

Did you know that 2 is treated differently from 2.0. 2 is an integer, and 2.0 is a floating point number, and this can be important if you want to stop your satellites from crashing back to Earth. Find out how.