Code Faster in Delphi Book

This book will make you a faster Delphi developer, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or have been using Delphi since version 1, you will find all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks to boost your productivity.

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Code Better in Delphi Book

Make your Delphi code better by reading this book! You will find numerous tips, tricks, techniques and tools to enhance and improve code. How does your code stack up? Are you writing code that will be usable for years, or are you heading towards a dystopian maintenance apocalypse?

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Move #125 - IDE Tips And Coding Shortcuts (CodeRage XII)

This is a fast paced look at short-cuts, customization, configuration, and tips to make your life within the Delphi IDE happier and more productive.  You can watch it on YouTube or EmbarcaderoAcademy (which also has the Q&A).  It's over 45 minutes long.

Movie #124 - IndexFieldNames Property on FireDAC DataSets

In this video we take a look how we can use the IndexFieldNames property on any FireDAC TDataSet to enable sorting when clicking on a TDBGrid title.  The nice thing about FireDAC is it also allows you to sort in reverse order.

Movie #123 - FireDAC Preprocessor

In this video we look at how we can write cross-platform SQL by using the FireDAC Preprocessor.  We can write a single SQL statement, which will then be processed differently on different platforms.  In this video will be looking at a difference between SQLite and MSSQL Server.

Movie #122 - Changing the color of a TEdit with Styles Enabled

In this video we look at how we can change the background color (and font) of a TEdit when VCL Styles are enabled.  Watch on YouTube Here.

Movie #121 - Using reFind to fix System.UITypes warning

In this video we take advantage of the fact that reFind can add units to the uses of a unit and we make use of this to remove (in bulk) the  "Inline function 'MessageDlg' has not been expanded because unit 'System.UITypes' is not specified in USES list" compiler hint.  Watch it here.

Movie #120 - TListView Design Mode in FireMonkey

In this video we take a look at the ListView design mode that has been added to Delphi 10.1 Berlin. It allows you to customize the layout of the ListView Items without writing any code - in fact in this entire demo I write no code at all.

Movie #119 - TcxTextEdit from DevExpress

I'm going to be taking a look at some of the controls offered by DevExpress, who commercially produce 3rd party controls for Delphi.  Check out this 10 minute introduction to TcxTextEdit.

Movie #118 - User Interface Security

If you think that disabling a control will prevent a user from using that control then you need to watch this video.  As a quick summary: if you can get the windows handle of a control, you can send messages to that control and changes it's properties.

Movie #117 - Bowling game code kata

This is the classic bowling game code kata, it's an illustration of test driven development.

I was first made aware of it in one of Uncle Bob's (Robert C Martin) videos on  I've produced this as an example of doing it using Delphi. This video was produced for the Intensive Delphi online conference, you can find the channel for it here.

There are a lot of things skipped in this this kata (edge cases, bad input etc.), but it does provide a simple and clear introduction on how to do TDD.  Watch it on YouTube.

Movie #116 - Fractals, Parallel Programing, Code Optimization and Cross Platform

This was a talk that I did for the ADUG Winter Symposium (4-Aug-2016) in Sydney. In it I build a cross-platform (Windows/Android) application for calculating fractals. It's on fractals, code optimizations and parallel programming. The images and details about the super-computers is from Wikipedia and the fractal zoom animation in the beginning is  Watch this presentation on YouTube, it's 85 minutes long - so grab some popcorn.  I'll make the source code available shortly. You can alternatively watch the Melbourne version of this talk that repeated the following day (5-Aug-2016).