In this Delphi programming tutorial Alister Christie demonstrates the usage of the Self hidden parameter in class methods.  You can watch on YouTube.  The video is about 6 minutes long.

In this video Alister Christie demonstrates how to abuse typed constants by using them like variables and shows how they have some interesting properties (and also compares them to class variables).  You can watch on YouTube.

In this video we take a brief look at form ownership in both the VCL and FireMonkey.  This Delphi programming tutorial is under ten minutes long and you can watch on YouTube.

This is another video where I demonstrate my limited knowledge of FireMonkey.  It it I build the classic "Add items from an Edit to a ListBox" example, then add a little animation to make things look pretty.   The video is a touch under 13 minutes and you can watch on YouTube.  This video also relates to this StackOverflow question, and this item in Quality Central.

In this 26 minute video, Alister Christie builds a Period Chart of the Elements in FireMonkey based on a similar project created for Building VCL Apps Part 1. You watch on YouTube.

In this video we look at preserving state in a DataSnap REST server session between method invocations.  You can watch the video on YouTube.  This was originally recorded for the 24 Hours with David I, however I've fixed a bug in this version.

In this video we extend the application we built in the previous video (IntraWeb Fish Facts) and make it suitable to work with mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc...).  We do this by customizing the HTML that is rendered and using the jQuery Mobile framework.  This video is about 45 minutes long and you can watch it on YouTube.

In this video Alister Christie gives an introduction to IntraWeb (VCL for the Web).  This is done by building a Fish Facts application.  This video is about 35 minutes long and was recorded for CodeRage 6.  You can watch it on YouTube.

In this 6 minute video Alister Christie fumbles his way through his first FireMonkey HD application - it's the classic FishFacts example.  Watch it on YouTube.

In this Delphi programming video we take a look at visual form inheritance, it's five minutes long and you can watch it here.