XML in Delphi Part 1 - TXMLDocument

Handling XML in Delphi can be tricky and the primary tool to do this is the TXMLDocument component, which is not the most friendly tool to use.  However, in this video, we strip away all the confusion and look at both producing and consuming XML.  You will learn how to create XML files in a simple and straightforward manner and also how to read and process XML.  We look at several ways of doing this, both when the structure of the file is known and unknown.  We then look at some methods for manipulating the structure of XML files.  Delphi XE3 is used throughout, and we build our example code using the FireMonkey framework (the examples are simple enough to translate into the VCL).  The video is over an hour and a half long and anyone with a basic (or better) understanding of Delphi should be able to follow.

I'm a newbie to Delphi and was looking round for some videos to give me a head start. Luckily for me I found Alister's site - not only are there many free videos and information snippits, there are also brilliant and comprehensive paid videos. The vid's are a great price and are packed full of info about delphi in general, loads of components, how to use them and some comedy too! If you don't buy them, you'll always be behind me...
Nothing to add by way of improvements, but if Alister does another - I'll be purchasing it!


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