Using TClientDataSet Part 1

In this video, we begin our journey to produce data-aware applications.  Before we can do this, we need to understand how datasets work.  Probably the most common dataset is TClientDataSet which is used extensively in all sorts of data-aware applications, making knowledge of it essential in building modern Delphi applications.  In Part 1 we take a close look at many of its properties and methods and using its abilities to load and save data to either an xml file or binary packet.  Examples are done using the VCL and you should be able to follow along even with very old versions of Delphi.

I am still watching the first video. Really helpful. There were things I did know, and things I did not know. After I've watched all of it, I am planning to buy the next video.
Dirk Smits

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 Table of Contents
00:00:00.000 Introduction
00:01:17.000 Demo Begins
00:03:39.000 Active Poperty
00:04:13.000 Filter Properties
00:10:13.000 FilterOptions.foNoPartialCompare
00:11:17.000 IndexFieldNames Property
00:16:34.000 IndexDefs Property
00:24:06.000 Creating Indexes at Runtime
00:29:29.000 FieldDefs Property
00:35:45.000 StoreDefs Property
00:37:36.000 Fields Property
00:47:17.000 Field OnSetText and OnGetText Events
00:50:22.000 Field OnChange and OnValidate Events
00:53:39.000 Calculated Fields
01:00:47.000 Aggregate Fields
01:12:43.000 MoveBy and RecNo
01:15:22.000 Field Summation Example
01:19:47.000 Insert and Edit
01:26:69.000 Append
01:28:13.000 Delete
01:30:01.000 LoadFromFile and SaveToFile
01:34:42.000 FileName Property
01:36:47.000 MergeChangeLog
01:38:29.000 ChangeCount
01:39:56.000 CancelUpdates
01:40:50.000 UndoLastChange
01:42:38.000 RevertRecord
01:44:22.000 LogChanges
01:47:13.000 UpdateStatus
01:49:31.000 StatusFilter
01:52:02.000 Delta Packet
01:55:18.000 DBNavigator, State and Standard Actions
02:00:30.000 Summary

This video makes use of the classic FishFacts table, which you can download here if you don't have it.