In this video we begin our journey to produce data-aware applications.  Before we can do this we need to understand how datasets work.  Probably the most common dataset is TClientDataSet which is used extensively in all sorts of data-aware applications, making knowledge of it essential in building modern Delphi applications.  In Part 1 we take a close look at many of its properties and methods and using its abilities to load and save data to either a xml file or binary packet.  Examples are done using the VCL and you should be able to follow along even with very old versions of Delphi.

I am still watching the first video. Really helpful. There were things I did know, and things I did not know. After I've watched all of it, I am planning to buy the next video.
Dirk Smits

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 Table of Contents
00:00:00.000 Introduction
00:01:17.000 Demo Begins
00:03:39.000 Active Poperty
00:04:13.000 Filter Properties
00:10:13.000 FilterOptions.foNoPartialCompare
00:11:17.000 IndexFieldNames Property
00:16:34.000 IndexDefs Property
00:24:06.000 Creating Indexes at Runtime
00:29:29.000 FieldDefs Property
00:35:45.000 StoreDefs Property
00:37:36.000 Fields Property
00:47:17.000 Field OnSetText and OnGetText Events
00:50:22.000 Field OnChange and OnValidate Events
00:53:39.000 Calculated Fields
01:00:47.000 Aggregate Fields
01:12:43.000 MoveBy and RecNo
01:15:22.000 Field Summation Example
01:19:47.000 Insert and Edit
01:26:69.000 Append
01:28:13.000 Delete
01:30:01.000 LoadFromFile and SaveToFile
01:34:42.000 FileName Property
01:36:47.000 MergeChangeLog
01:38:29.000 ChangeCount
01:39:56.000 CancelUpdates
01:40:50.000 UndoLastChange
01:42:38.000 RevertRecord
01:44:22.000 LogChanges
01:47:13.000 UpdateStatus
01:49:31.000 StatusFilter
01:52:02.000 Delta Packet
01:55:18.000 DBNavigator, State and Standard Actions
02:00:30.000 Summary

This video makes use of the classic FishFacts table, which you can download here if you don't have it.